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12hrs in Alicante

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

This was a bit spontaneous being booked just a couple of days before going, hey do you fancy lunch in Alicante?

I hadn't done anything like this before, hey lets have lunch in Alicante! to me it was spontaneous it was random and after recently watching a show in the Westend this was no more expensive. I would highly recommend it to anyone to do. #miniadventure #daytrip

It may have only been a day trip. but because we filled the day, form breakfast, lunch & dinner. Seeing the fortress, relaxing on the beach, and a sunset I came back feeling like I had been away a week, in a good way, revitalized!

We got the first flight of the day and was in Alicante by 9:15am our flight back was 00:30, so it's a long day but with that you do get a full day of adventure and relaxation. Eating ice-cream by the harbour, alfresco dinning throughout and of course having tapas. the long walk up to the fortress was so worth it and relaxing on the beach after was so needed, my friend even got a massage on the beach! I'm not a big drinker maybe being a single parent being prepared for anything or its the amount of medication I take just to stay mobile, who knows but has changed and again another #newthing is I have started having a cocktail or two, even a glass of wine and rum and coke, I suppose I am putting myself in environments and situations where I feel it's okay, #holidayvibes. or it's me letting go and enjoying life!

I absolutely fell in love with Alicante, It felt at home like I wanted to spend more time there, I could see me living there what was another new unexpected feeling, I am so going to go back, maybe 48hrs next time. #Alicante #nevertoold #lovelife #dosomethingnew


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