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A Summer of Shorts

It might not be big deal to most but for me it was a big step.

Trying not to hide

Being disabled and living with a disability can be hard no one likes thinking of themselves as imperfect, I'm now trying to embrace my imperfections.

I used to hide my legs away when it comes to wearing jeans, I only wear bootcut. I didn't always share it was all a bit personal. My feet are a different shape, I have no calf muscles, I have skinny legs and I have a lot of scares.

Only on holiday

So, don't get me wrong I have worn shorts, mainly on holiday and not in the UK people don't know who I am on holiday, but I would still get embarrassed!

That is why this is big deal; well to me. it didn't happen overnight but over the last few years, I started to try wearing shorts here and there on a rare occasion, but most of the time without my braces just my insoles. I suppose my ego got in the way.

We all need to embrace are imperfections to truly be ourselves.

60 days of summer

I have worn shorts a few times this year already and decided why should I be bothered what people think if there worth knowing they wouldn't care, I am who I am. Being disabled doesn't mean I'm a horrible person. It doesn't mean people will treat me differently, well at times they have but it's not as much as I first thought. Come July the school summer holidays are just about to start, and we have been having fabulous weather, so I went with it and on went the shorts and they have stayed on until September it wasn't my intension it just happened but do think we can all learn to embrace our imperfections and worry less about what people think. The ones that count will stay with us, that just friendship.



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