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Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Fear scream park is me stepping out my comfort zone, not once but twice this year! It's only taken people 6 years to talk me into going. why would I purposely go somewhere I am going to jump, cower at my own shadow, where I feel, my heart is going to jump out my chest. well, I'm guessing for most, that's the point!

Visit One

Was with younger members of staff, it was friends and family day, and the owner of the park invited us down to join in. We started with MALEFICA, which is based around a church with ghostly like nuns around every corner. the first time I went through was with two of our younger members of staff what for me was just great as they jumped at everything, they screamed, one was almost in tears, well I say almost, she was in tears! I like to think they were happy tears.

This just added to my experience, and I just didn't have to worry about anyone or thing jumping out at me as they were like my warning alarm, which made my first scare maze so much easier, and to my surprise I found my first scare maze more entertaining than scary.

We like to share new experinces with our staff, this also a good way of us showing them where we are heading within our own business.
4 Kingdoms Staff

On this visit I done three out of the five mazes, my favourite being V I T A N O V A they took us one by one, locked you in a box, with the normal screams and banging you get let out and hurried along a dark corridor, this was followed by dark tunnels and slide that gave me an electric shock, there were lots of different light effects, smoke, twists and turns, even apart where you had to push your way through these inflated fabric walls that just enclose around you. It was just fun, entertaining, I liked the not knowing what was coming next, what's around that next corner.

As it was a more a practice day for family and friends it wasn't open as late and not everything was open, this was still a great evening out, treating our staff to something they wouldn't normally do.

It's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, having the courage to be you, can make you feel so much more.

Visit Two Twelve of us were lucky enough to be invited back, this time it was the senior members of staff and three of our actors, that have been doing our Halloween event Megan, Bri and Ashley. This time around it was a totally different feel, it was busy with lots of people in costumes, there was fire everywhere, music blasting from the live stage area, bars, funfair, street food, entertainers. We all had VIP fast pass which was great as we got to do all the mazes as many times as we wanted, jumping any que. So, we done a couple of them twice!

First time on this ride, I can't say I conquered my fear!
FEAR: Not Fun at the Fair

When it came to the funfair, my own words came back to haunt me as I don't really go rides, and ones that go up in the air nope, not for me! As I have said I'm stepping out my comfort zone, not letting my fears control me, so, with a little bit of encourage from Megan and Bri, I ended up going on one of those magic carpet rides. I have now decided I might not beat every fear, I didn't not enjoy it one bit, done most of it with my eyes shut, it seemed to go on forever, I can't say I conquered my fear, as it was certainly with me. but I did do it, it didn't stop me, and I would probably do it again even though I didn't enjoy it. At least the Ashley and little Mike got enjoyment out of it, Ashley said his face hurt so much, he just found my obvious discomfort hysterical.

My Midlife Crisis

I am starting to believe this midlife crisis is going to be anything but boring, stepping out of my comfort zone, pushing me to do things that make my heart race. Are friends, family worried about me, sure. But they are also curious, they want to be a part of it, they want to share the experiences. we all can inspire each other to live our best life and not to be scared to try new things, let's stop saying I can't, I'm too old, my legs won't let me, we can all find reasons not to do something. I have made loads of them over the years! Now it's time for me to start living again...


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