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London, Moulin Rouge & Love...

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

When I spontaneously decided to take myself out for the day in #London, I didn't think it was going to a blog post or inspire me to want share. It's one of those moments I feel I might be sharing to much.... Some of my more foolish thoughts, Love!

Going Solo

Sometimes there are moments you just want to do something, A day out, go to a restaurant, even see a show, these are things I would normally do with company, never on my own! So, today was new for me as just decided to go and do, I have written before about having a disability and the different fears that can hold you back, so I am not going to repeat myself and just tell you about the day and of course that feeling of love.

My life has changed a lot over the last year, I have had lots of adventures and felt things I have never experienced before, 2023 I want to just grow and carry on my journey of rediscovering me and get inspiration from the little things around me.

London Adventure 2023

I have wanted to go to some of London's famous museums for awhile, I decided to stop making excuses, pick one and go. So I did just that. First stop of the day was the Natural History Museum, and you know what, simply wow. The building it's self was impressive with great halls and sweeping staircases.

I spent the next few hours wondering around, learning, taking everything in, I think this opened my eye's and I need to just pick the next one and go, stop overthinking what might happen, or waiting for someone to go with, just go and live and see glimpses of different worlds.

Lunch date for one

As i said before there are some things that I just didn't think I would do alone, what is surprising as I do live alone, keep my circles small and people who know me, know I like my own company. but that's a different story.

After the Natural History Museum I took myself of the China Town for a bit of lunch, I found this little restaurant in the heart of it all, where they guided me to back to this little table near the kitchen/bar, you know what it suited me, I was out of the way, but I could sit and watch, and not feel self-conscious.

What about love and the Moulin Rouge

Well here it is, I have always like the story, the film, but I absolutely adore the live show. Maybe i'm a sucker for a love story, where there are red flags, there are gut feelings, everything you believe says its wrong, but the connection is like nothing you felt before, it's like you have known each other a lifetime but it's new at the same time. there are so many reasons why it shouldn't work. But, I believe in love in first sight, a instant connection, you can just feel someone when their miles apart, something that just makes life easier without trying, I mean everything in life is easy, you don't have to try, you see more colour in the world, anything you put your mind to seems possible you can achieve. it's deeper than just a physical attraction, been there, done that, it's is so so much more.

Welcome to the Moulin Rouge from when I first stepped into the auditorium. It's bold. It's daring. It's indulgent. Then, people are moving to the music stage and podiums. As the curtain rises, a lovesick writer named Christian (maybe another reason I feel a connection to this show) takes his seat inside the Moulin Rouge, looking forward to the evening's events. Harold Zidler, the larger than life host, ladies & gentlemen, bohemians and artist I present to you our "sparkling diamond" Satine, the star of the show. Satine gets lowered from the ceiling, covered in sparkles catching all the lights, singing the sparkling diamond, diamonds are a girls best friend. They are besotted by each other from when they first meet, Don't you dare look back just keep eyes on me, she says your holding back, she say shut up and dance with me, this women is my destiny, she says, shut up and dance with me. So, raise raise your glass if i am wrong! "Shut up and Raise Your Glass". yes i was singing this as i typed! there are so many song's in this show that just shout out to me, another that is on my playlist is your song, to me it's pure love I don't have much money, but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live if I was a sculptor, ha But then again, no Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do My gift is my song, and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody This is your song It may be quite simple, but now that it's done I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind That I put down in the words How wonderful life is while you're in the world

yep, I was singing again to Cali's dismay! but it's that feeling where you just want to share, you want to shout it from the roof tops, an honesty about it. I think personally I have only got close to feeling this way once, got shown a glimpse of something I didn't even know I wanted. Maybe my expectations are to high, or as I said, maybe i'm just a sucker to a forbidden love story. Elephant Love Medley is another song, a part of the show that stands out, giving into what your heart wants, when it doesn't make sense, taking a risk, opening up, being vulnerable, " Love makes us act like we fools". I do put up walls, I have hidden from the world for along time, but if I do give you my heart, I may get lost, But I will give you my all.

So, the day did finish with a quick drink with a friend

One of my friends had just had a casting in Soho and we meet for an hour after the show, I was buzzing still from the day, I told here how I didn't think I was going to finish my day, inspired, wanting to write about love, she told me I should, I also told her of a conversation I had earlier with a new colleague about another show I want to see, and the reason I didn't want to just, but they agreed with each other, that I need to go and see it, so, I can put a full stop after another chapter of my life. move on. I don't want people to live the way I have, I want people to feel love, have adventures, don't let fears stop you doing things, yes i'm 46, yes i'm a single parent, yes i'm disabled, but i'm not letting fears hold me back, i'm building my future, i'm following my dreams, I am putting things into place to have my social purpose, that will be very sharing soon, and maybe, just maybe I will open my heart to someone again. x


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