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My Two Club Feet - Flowers

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

With Miley Cyrus's song going viral, being relatable to so many people, about self love, and you got to be happy within ourselves to be truly happy. I have been single for a very longtime and this song has inspired me to write todays blog, not because i'm fixing a broken heart, just because these solo tourist days I have are new for me. I can have my own adventures!

I can feed my own brain

I saw this online a week ago, and just had to go and see it. The museum of the moon in the painted hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. I wasn't planning on having another tourist day so soon after my last one, but this was only on till the 5th February and most of them are sold out! If you get the chance, or if they bring it back next year I would just say, go and see it, it is simply amazing, As they promised online it was breath taking and the artist behind this masterpiece is Bristol's own Luke Jerram who was inspired by moon and the tide, using Nasa photo to design and build a replica of the moon true to life with every crater. Hanging in this 500 year old building seems to just work, complementing each other as I said, Simply amazing.

I can take myself to a show

After watching the Broadway show on tv with a friend it was on my list to see shows, and it didn't disappoint, part of me now wants to and see it on Broadway! If you don't know Hamilton it's hip hop and musical theatre, a brilliantly crafted hybrid. Put simply, it’s big emotions and big melodies from the former, and thrilling, funny, technically virtuosic storytelling from the latter.

‘Alexander Hamilton’, the opening tune, exemplifies everything that’s great about the show. It’s got a relentlessly catchy build and momentum, a crackling, edge-of-seat sense of drama, and is absolutely chockablock with information, as the key players stride on to bring us up to speed with the eventful life that Hamilton – the ‘bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman’ – led before he emigrated to America in 1772 as a teenager. (NB there’s no need to swot up on your history – it tells you everything you need to know). If you read my blog about my last tourist day London - Moulin Rouge - Love, then you would of read that there was a show I needed to see to put a fall-stop after a chapter of my life, well, this was that show! and what I realised whilst watching Hamilton is, I didn't need to. As I have know regrets to my story so far, I have had so many good adventures in the last year, positive memories, I am letting people in and that isn't a bad thing, I am doing more, seeing more. We learn, we grow, we need it all. Life is amazing journey we are all on and we all just keep going forward being grateful foe every lesson it has for us.

I can push myself through fears

I ended the day on the London Eye, I got there dead on 6pm as it was shutting but as I was on my own they let me on. A positive about going solo! I have been on this before, when it first opened many years ago, during the day, I pretty much sat on the bench looking at the floor waiting for it to finish, as you might guess or read in another blog, i'm not great with heights, over the last year I had noticed some things that used to bother me, don't seem to as much now. high buildings seem easier, I did go on the Budapest eye a few months ago with Ellie and Courtney and that wasnt fun, but I done it. So this time, I pushed myself, I walked around, Stood up at the windows, took photo's, took it all in, I impressed myself, impressed myself so much I had to phone my dad to just tell him. I had such a sense of achievement. It's not about conquering fears, it's just about them not stopping me go forward.

"People call what happens at a midlife a crisis, but maybe it's not, maybe it's unraveling - a time when you need a desperate pull to live the life you want to live, not the one you're supposed to live."

I can get my own train home The train journey home was the in contrast with the journey in, on the way in, it was quiet, enjoyable, relaxed listening to music, thinking i'm finding a new love for trains, what was good as I am planning on have a 2 month adventure around Europe next year by train.

The journey home was anything but quiet. I hadn't seen a train so busy, people stood up down the middles of all the carriages. Not disabled friendly at all, but I wasn't going to let this ruin my day, after all i was in the best of moods, I smiled at people, lent myself up against the door and listened to my playlist, whilst watching this orange/gold balloon bopping above peoples heads.



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