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Sushi, How come I had never tried this!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I know it's taken 45years for me to try this, I don't if its the old school trained bit of me but I the idea of eating raw fish just didn't sit well with me. But this year has been a year of firsts for me, even where I was eating it 5* ultra exclusive hotel in Greece celebrating a un-birthday with someone I only knew for a short time.

So I couldn't tell you what every fish was but you know what I enjoyed it. The surroundings and the company may of helped. To me it was all new. It was like I was rediscovering who I was and enjoying the luxury.

The start of huge changes

So I know what title says but this also my midlife crisis! At this point early on in the year I was on a high on life. Wanting to experience new things, have new adventures.

So in the middle of January I started to want to experience new things, live a little. after Bring up my son and covid this was the first time in over a decade that I could do whatever I liked. I had started eating healthier, started chatting to a fairly new friend and decided to just book a holiday it started with small ideas a few days away that turned into 7 day luxury holiday I just got carried away.

No Regrets

I don't regret going away with someone I didn't really know, it was new, exciting at this point everything just seemed easy, I felt like I didn't have a care in the world, I started to want to live again, things that were on backburner I was looking at, suddenly I wanted to see and go everywhere, even losing weight was easy losing a stone a month through just eating how your supposed to not dieting and as I type this I have lost 5 stone, 8inches around my waist.

Follow your Dreams and Stay inspired

Get Inspired

So to me it's more than a plate of sushi it was something I never thought I would try and had no intension on doing so. It's was a one new thing I tried that week that stood out, it was one small step, doing something new does not need to be a big thing, it's a journey to be enjoyed.


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