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Saying goodbye to my best friend

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This Post might not be up for long as It's not really about a midlife crisis or my two club feet, I just wanted to introduce you to my cat Smokey,

Smokey was a rescue from cat's protection, and he has been in my life through so many things, happy times, sad times, when I have been angry and hurt, he has been there at my best and worst times and for me his affection and love gave/gives me so much.

“A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart”

I thought Smokey would add something to Jacob's life (my son)

Jacob wanted a dog, but I felt with our lifestyle and work it wouldn't be fare on a dog, Cats are meant to be more independent, Easier to look after, Jacob would tell you I choose him because he bit me! well, he kinda did, but it was more him brushing his teeth on my hand, there just seemed to be trust, trust he wasn't going to hurt me. He didn't end up being Jacob's from the start he was my cat, and I didn't know I was cat person, but I feel we choose each other rather than me picking him.

Jacob did get a dog, Cali, but it was about 12 years later, and I thought Cali and Smokey would never get on.

Cali and Smokey's Relationship

It wasn't a bromance from the start, Smokey wasn't impressed with sharing his house or me, Least Jacob was there at the start, so Cali slept in Jacobs room and Smokey in mine. Smokey made sure Cali knew who the boss was from the start, at first the friendship was on his terms, what just made it harder on Cali, he didn't know how to act. The picture above of them both looking forward, well that's them every morning waiting for me to get up!

More dog like than cat! Most people that met Smokey loved him, he was sociable, he was also big for a cat, He was bigger than my parents' dogs! He is needy, likes hugs would always come running to see me when I came home, he would follow me around and liked to play. his purr is more like a gentle growl, but he would also do this silent meow when he looked at you.

"I believe that everyone and everything deserves happiness, if you can make that happiness, you should".

Saying goodbye So, we had a trip to the vets yesterday and Smokey has tumour, and there is nothing that can be done, I get told he's sixteen, he's had a good life and he has, he never went without, always got attention when he wanted it, even when he probably didn't want it, I just thought he had another six years in my head, I wasn't ready. This is one of the hardest things I have had to do, decide when to say goodbye. I asked the Vet how do I know. They said he will tell you, your just know, it could be a week maybe two, I don't want him to suffer just because I'm not ready. I'm so glad to have had him in my life, and would do it all over again, the next couple of days is a celebration of his life and the memories that were made, and he can have as many treats as he wants, even had smoked salmon for breakfast today. The circle of life can seem cruel, I have to believe there is meaning to it, I do believe that life has a special energy to it, that stays, grows, becomes more.

You might feel sad reading this, it can be hard, but life is a celebration and should be treated as such, through tears remember the love and the things that made you smile. giving away apart of you and wanting nothing in return but to see them happy, can bring happiness


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