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Who Says This Disabled Person Can't Dance?

I don’t think it will ever change, the feeling you get when you're out and the music starts, the surroundings, the atmosphere, the enjoyment that bounces from person to person. It doesn’t matter if it's in a bar or club at a festival with the sweat is dripping of the top of the marquee. The goose bumps you get when your lost in the music.

For me as soon as I started working in a nightclub called Ziggys and going out at the tender age of 16. That’s it I found a new love and it didn’t matter how much pain my legs were in I just wanted to get lost, I felt free! Going out wasn’t about chasing girls or propping up the bar, it wasn’t drugs or alcohol but to be honest I have tried both. They just were never needed you get high on every new experience and every night out was new. It changed everything about me, I had my own style and a new sense of confidence, maybe a little too much confidence! I even got offered a job as a 70’s dancer in a club for six weeks, but had to turn down as I was great at dancing on my own, but my legs weren’t designed for two, That did have its own issues when girls tried to dance with me and I had to step back from them, it was easier to be in my own world than try to explain it’s not you it’s me!

So who says this disabled person can't dance?...... Well no one!

The friends I had were mixed and vast. I seemed to fit in, excepted, didn't seem to matter who I was with or where I was. We all want the same thing to be treated how we would like to be treated, not to be #judged and just be #excepted it was rocket science just pure, #friendship.

The next few years I worked to go out and the jobs I had were surrounded by the things I loved, when it comes to work you have to enjoy it, life is to short for any of it to be wasted and I have had some amazing jobs and #adventures. When I was 18 to 21, I worked in a theatre and got to meet and cook for every artist that came through the doors, it gave me an insight to events and the arts there was not one thing I hated it was something I always wanted to be a part off. I was also on the opening team of a chain of American themed dinners where I got to dance on tables and train all the staff to do the same and how to make the most out the jobs we had, you see enjoyment to me can be contagious and easy to pass around so always enjoy what you do.

I lost my way.

I kind of lost my way for the last decade or so, maybe letting my legs get the better of me, or being a single parent, I just couldn’t carry on like I used to. But something changed in me this year as you may know if you have read my other post’s I have woken up and doing things again and a lot of things for the first time!

A midlife crisis should be far from boring!

The Midlife Crisis

So, #midlifecrisis bit; just got back from having a #miniadventure in #ibiza. I went on this adventure with three 20 year olds that just embraced my midlife crisis and things don’t change the older you get, the goosebumps still come, you still get lost in the music, I still felt free when it was me and my clubfeet dancing the nights away. We done pool parties, boat parties, day clubs' nightclubs it was one to the next everyone with a different #vibe but everyone wanting the same thing, to get lost for just them moments in time surrounding by likeminded people.



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