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Use them before I lose them! My Big Walks...

"Family and friends will be joining me on some or all of these challenges, helping us raise as much as we can. Two incredible individuals supporting me throughout all of these challenges are Michael Scaysbrook and Daisy Collins."

Against my doctor's advice, I have decided to embark on a year of fundraising and activities that aren't typically suited for someone with my condition. I was informed that I would likely be in a wheelchair by now. However, on most days, at a glance, you wouldn't even know that I was disabled. I was born with severe lower limb deformities and bilateral talipes. Over the past few years, my legs have deteriorated, and at the age of 47, I find myself taking a significant number of pills daily. That’s if you think 34 is significant! I have no calf muscles or ankle sockets, and my bones are deteriorating. I have to wear braces to hold them together and provide extra strength.

So, I'm dusting off my crutches and planning to take on three significant challenges throughout the year. I'll begin with the Three Peaks Challenge, conquering Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis. Next, in celebration of Disability Pride Month, I'll be walking from London to Brighton in July. Lastly, I'll be tackling the Jurassic Coast Challenge in September.

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