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The Attentive Barber

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Creating the Attentive Barber in Kingsclere, Well this is really all about my son Jacob and how I helped him follow his dream and opening a successful shop.

This is a story on how proud I am of my son. He hasn't had it easy and gone through a lot for someone so young for me it was creating a safe space for him where it was something for him to be creative, nurture and grow doing something he loved. I can't tell you every battle he's had as that is a story for him to share not me.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, as they say!

We don't know the battles other people have fought and the battles they still have, we should never assume someone has had it easy. Don't listen to what others say and make your own mind up, We all have a past it doesn't define your future.

The Attentive Barber

Jacob started of barbering with a friend of mine Mike Taylor who has his own shops and college and took Jacob under his wing and put him the setting to learn his skill's and gain his qualifications. Jacob took to barbering like a duck to water and he loves to talk so it just seemed right, even though we opened Mike still supports him and encourages and is the to help, they are even doing a hairdressing course together.

Awarding winning barbers and shop

Nearly four years and going strong.

Opening a small shop in #kingsclere seemed like a no brainer to me, even though Jacob was only 19 years old already had a strong client base, he was doing at least 30 cuts a week from our house so just those alone would pay the rent.

We are not from money so we did have to borrow £20,000 and I sold my catering van to by the chairs, so there was risk I just had faith in him and the area we were opening it. For a new business it just seemed to work people love Jacob and what he was trying to achieve and he would remember everyone who came through the door, the village of Kingsclere are so supportive and that put him in position to support the village, sponsoring different events the village and school put on. by the way that £20,000 loan was paid off in thirteen months what's incredible for a new business!

Get Inspired

When you find something you love you just got to run with it, You need to put in the research but with that follow your heart. I believe you need to put the foundations in place, the building bricks may change, the layout the number of rooms or the time it takes, it's journey that is there to be enjoyed and change, it's one thing having a dream it's totally different making it happen. it's great to have goals but without a plan it's just a wish. #followyourdreams #beinspired, #theattentivebarber #singleparent


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