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Work life, The Magical Christmas Adventure

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Having a disability does not mean that the person is completely incapacitated or useless, you can still have a full life, it might be slightly different or just finding a different way round, I found away to make a living for something I’m passionate about, something I wanted to do all my life. But I do find it a bit of a complex battle with the word “disability” telling people the story of my legs and then telling the story of how I make a living, it just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand.

One Way I Make a Living

Christmas has been one of my main sources of my income over the last four years, form the third week of November I help look after the cast at The Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure Park. The reason I have worked there has changed from the first year. You see, it’s not the easiest place to #work, it can be hard and mistakes do happen.

Knowing this in my own way I want to make all our cast as comfortable as possible, I’m the first and last person they see each day, from cooking them breakfast to their dinner each night, for 43 days. I try to be there for each and everyone one of them and not just with the food, I will listen their stories and tell them mine, I will pick up things they need without being asked, giving them my time, as to me its an easy thing to give, but can mean so much. I cant solve everything, but do hope I make it a little easier.

" Brene Brown wrote in Atlas of The Heart that pride is a feeling of pleasure or celebration related to our accomplishments or efforts. This is authentic pride, it’s positive and can be felt for ourselves and/or others. “I can feel proud of myself, proud of you, proud of us.”

Finding Inspiration - Cast 2022

We had some familiar faces and a lot of new ones join us this year, they all had their stories, things they have overcome, things their still working out, A story of different journeys on finding something. a diverse crowd thrown together, working, living, playing, making new friendship's where everyone one was welcome. To be who you are with acceptance, It was good to see people with different ideas, styles and views make the most of it. With more diversity I feel you get more creativity, that creativity is needed and we could all learn from it.

"Freud tells us the most dangerous mistake a person can make is to project their own shadow on another human being, to pretend they are an embodiment of one's fantasy. The route to happiness is to except people as they are, not how we wish them to be, to see them in the clear light of day and still love them, that is the mark of a true friend."

It's Not Always Easy

It's not the easiest places to work at times, it can be hard on the staff and actors, this year seemed harder than most preshow and early on, we got battered with all different weathers, short staffed all year putting things behind, and to be honest the organisation could be better, it's hard seeing things and being powerless to help.

Physically it has taken it's toll, bruising is starting to show, lost the feeling in part of my foot, (that i'm sure will come back), and I ache, I ache a lot, it will take time to heal, but was it worth it, yes. I know what i'm doing to my body but they are my risks to take. As for the future this should be my last Christmas looking after the cast, I have met some amazing people along the way that have inspired me more than words can say. So, Thank you Ps I know Cali has enjoyed meeting you all


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