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Simple Franks

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

So this a bit of a throw back and work life, So it's 2014 I was bringing up my then 14year old. I needed to do something that I could make living from and being able to there for him more as at this time he needed a lot of support. So together we created Simple Franks.

Being a single parent ,it's not easy. being disabled I have always made my own way, figuring things out for myself, what I can and cant do. I have limitations even if I don't like admitting to it. Bring up my son and thw the world just becomes about him and i would not change a thing.

Everyone has a different way of learning, because you struggle in a classroom doesn't mean you wont excel in life. All our brains work in a different way, we all see things differently we all just need to find our own way that works for us.

Creating Simple Franks Together

To me Simple Franks was much more than just making a living it was something we could do together whilst teaching him how we pay the bills, do the things we do, as well as everything that goes into starting a small business, being hands on and creative. #simplefranks


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