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Use them before I lose them... My Two Club Feet & 3 Big Challenges.

Against my doctor's advice, I have decided to embark on a year of fundraising and activities that aren't typically suited for someone with my condition. I was informed that I would likely be in a wheelchair by now. However, on most days, at a glance, you wouldn't even know that I was disabled.

my two club feet - use them before I lose them
My 3 big challenges

I was born with severe lower limb deformities and bilateral talipes. Over the past few years, my legs have deteriorated, and at the age of 47, I find myself taking a significant number of pills daily. That’s if you think 34 is significant! I have no calf muscles or ankle sockets, and my bones are deteriorating. I have to wear braces to hold them together and provide extra strength. So, I'm dusting off my crutches and planning to take on three significant challenges throughout the year. I'll begin with the Three Peaks Challenge, conquering Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis. Next, in celebration of Disability Pride Month, I'll be walking from London to Brighton in July. Lastly, I'll be tackling the Jurassic Coast Challenge in September.

"Family and friends will be joining me on some or all of these challenges, helping us raise as much as we can. Two incredible individuals supporting me throughout all of these challenges are Michael Scaysbrook and Daisy Collins."

3 Peak Challenge Like many of life's great ideas, the notion of taking on the Three Peaks Challenge often starts in a pub. No drinking for me. But, this was the case. I had already planned to do my London to Brighton walk, but I craved something bigger. So, when I suggested to Michael, 'Why don't we tackle the highest mountains of Scotland, England, and Wales?' he enthusiastically supported the idea. Many ideas in my head only become a reality when Michael is involved. Whether he'll regret joining me on all three challenges, we'll soon find out Obviously I do have limitations even if I’m not very good at excepting that at times. We are NOT doing this challenge in 24hrs, we will be doing it over three separate days.

Ben Nevis Height: 1344 m (4409 ft), Grampian Mountains, Scottish Highlands, Highest mountain in Scotland. Scafell Pike Height: 978m (3209 ft), Lake District, Cumbria, Highest mountain in England. Snowdon Height: 1085 m (3560 ft), Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, Highest mountain in Wales

 "Family and friends will be joining me on some or all of these challenges, helping us raise as much as we can. Two incredible individuals supporting me throughout all of these challenges are Michael Scaysbrook and Daisy Collins."

London to Brighton July 2024 Two years in the planing this July, I’m embracing Pride Month with my most significant physical challenge yet. On July 1st, with a bunch of friends and family supporting me, I’ll be dusting off my crutches, bracing my legs, taking plenty of meds, and commencing my 100km (62.137 miles) journey from Richmond, London, to Brighton. I might still be unaware of my limitations, aiming to reach Brighton Pier within three days. Despite being told that a marathon is beyond my capabilities, I’ve essentially committed to completing two and a half marathons back-to-back, pushing myself beyond my limits and putting my legs through the wringer before I potentially lose their function.

Jurassic Coast Challenge September 2024

There was me thinking that London to Brighton was going to be big enough, well I am going to finish this years big walk with the Jurassic Coast Challenge 3 marathons over 3 days. Offers coastal path, steep hills and challenging beaches. The route will take us through the spectacular World Heritage coastline, starting at Corfe Castle, then heading down to Swanage, and along through Lulworth Cove, past Durdle Door, with ups and downs to Weymouth My feet will inevitably swell, bruise, and likely bleed! The recovery ahead promises to be long and painful. However, I fervently hope that once this journey is completed, it will all be worth it—for me, the charities, the social enterprise, and everyone involved. It's a year to be proud of, to inspire; a simple 'wow, I just did that.

A social enterprise
Carboon Heart

finding my Social Purpose Daisy Collins is not just my partner; I consider her my social conscience. She constantly reminds me of the simple actions we can all take to contribute to the well-being of our planet and advocate for the animals we share it with. Together, we can strive to be the best versions of ourselves, overcoming challenges and finding a brighter story even after dark times. Life is undeniably tough, but it's worth holding on to, especially when the silver lining isn't immediately visible. Daisy will be accompanying me on all these challenges, and with your support, we hope to create something truly amazing for everyone to enjoy. Crowdfunder goes live soon or you can donate directly on this site Let's Plant Bamboo - My Big Walks supporting mental health, disabilities, environment and as well as many more charities and social enterprises. Phase 1:

Land Purchase – To start planting bamboo, we aim to secure funds for acquiring unused agricultural land. The more funds we raise, the more bamboo we can plant. Replacing 1 acre of grass with bamboo can increase carbon removal from approximately 1 ton to over 12 tons from the atmosphere.

Website Update – Our website,, will undergo updates to provide more information. Teaching people about the benefits and kindness of eating more plant based food and using more biodegradable materials in everyday life.

Phase 2:

Establishing Carboon's Animal Sanctuary – We aim to create a space that supports positive mental health and animals in need of rescue and rehabilitation. In today's busy and stressful world, connecting with nature and animals can be immensely therapeutic. Being outdoors interacting and bonding with animals can help with many physical and mental issues. It can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Other Fundraising

We will be fundraising all year, not just through sponsorships. We will also be doing pop up vegan street food at events or workplace. introducing people to the plant based life style, not convert everyone, but to show how good in can be, and maybe swap out some of your usual meals. Carbon neutral events, a reason to get like mind people together for good music, food, drink and friendship. Giving people a chance to shine. So there are so many ways you can help or get involved just give our socials a follow, a share. maybe we will inspire just one person. x


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